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You’ll Need $1.5M to Own the Last Tesla Roadster Ever Built

There’s something intrinsically special about firsts. First impressions, first dates, first choices—and let’s not forget about first cars. For Tesla, its very first automobile was none other than its Roadster, a car which gave the startup a jump start in becoming the world’s most valuable automaker. And while the first example built is technically no longer of this world, you can now buy the second most important example: the last one ever built.

A used car listing in Switzerland is advertising the final-built Tesla Roadster for sale at a whopping $1.47 million. With just 124 miles on the odometer, this is perhaps one of the most well-preserved specimens still around. According to the ad, the car was also never registered and instead spent its life on tire pillows atop marble flooring, meaning that the new owner could technically be the car’s first.

The car is also embellished with a full carbon package and special “2500” badging signifying its importance. It’s also worth noting that the owner kept the vehicle at a proper charge level, so the worry of a bricked battery can be put to rest. Speaking of the battery, the visible portion of the pack also bears the signatures of many notable Tesla team members in white marker.

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