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When You Face the Rare Dilemma of a Normal S-Class Not Being ‘Nice’ Enough

The rear doors can open themselves electronically as your chauffeur presses a button, and the rears open to a second row with seven more inches of legroom than a regular S-class, and lighting from a 64-color ambient setup. You will smell the Maybach-exclusive leather (upgradeable to Nappa), and feel the electronically adjusted seats’ 10-setting massage program go to work on your spine. Its proverbial hands will be warm; the seats are climate-controlled and have warmers everywhere from the armrests to the neck supports. You will hear only what you darned well please, as while not blasting ODESZA, that 30-speaker sound system will actively cancel out noise from the outside world.

Rear-seat infotainment consisting of built-in tablets with wireless headsets will further cocoon you from the world beyond, and their built-in HD cameras and microphones help you get ready for the annual shareholders’ presentation. And if you’re the type to present such, there’s an Executive Rear Seat Plus package, which extends to the rear center console all the way rearward and reduces the number of seats to four, and increases the USB(-C) charge ports to eight. It also adds a 12-volt outlet, HDMI inputs, temperature-regulated cupholders, a chilled compartment, and champagne accoutrements for two.

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