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What It’s Like Driving the Wild Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion on Public Roads

Porsche might have dominated Group C racing with its 956 and 962 prototypes, yet by the mid-1990s, the new GT1 scene called for something beefier than the GT2-spec 911s they had in store at the time. With the mostly mid-engined competition of Jaguar XJ220s, Ferrari F40 LMs and more, along with front-engined contenders such as Chrysler Viper GTS-Rs, Porsche’s Robert Singer knew exactly what to do. Yet to jam a mid-engine Le Mans prototype between the 993’s, and then the 996’s headlights and taillights against the upgraded McLaren F1 GTRs of 1996, Porsche also had to build 25 road-going homologation specials. These are known as the GT1 Straßenversions, and by the end of 1998, the company finished a total of 23, while the race cars won pretty much everything they were supposed to.

Of the 23 left-hand drive cars, only the first two came with 993 light units, while the blue 996-spec Tiff Needell got to drive up in the Scottish Highlands is a 1997 car belonging to car collector @fossilfurious, showing a respectable 10,388 miles on the clock. Make no mistake: Straßenversion or not, the 991 GT1 is little more than a 962 rear chassis bolted to a 993 Turbo’s steel body. Of course nowadays, one can also make an ex-Daytona 24 Hours racing version road-legal, at least in Europe. Porsche only built 18 911 GT1 racing prototypes.

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