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What Do You Do for a Living?

The videos have become so popular that many of the supercar owners have started to recognize Macdonald as he approaches them. He says that the majority, around 90 percent of people, respond positively to the question. Some have given him gifts like a new camera and a Gucci Backpack, while others have given him business cards or invitations to Christmas parties because of his “entrepreneurial spirit,” which also inspired a line of clothing featuring his well-known catchphrase.

Macdonald says when he first started the experiment he was just a casual automotive observer who could point out a manufacturer but needed help from friends to pick out the exact models. Since the videos first took off, he’s fallen down the inevitable car rabbit hole. In case you were wondering, his dream ride is now a Ferrari 488.

In the future, the social media star says he plans to do mansion tours in Highland Park, but until then, we’ll stay tuned to learn what else these supercar-owning millionaires do to earn their keep.

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