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Watch the Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Roast Its Rear Tires With Drift Mode

We know Rimac’s upcoming C_Two electric hypercar will come with 1,914 horsepower. We know it’ll hit 60 mph in less than two seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 9.1. We also know it’ll top out at 258 mph. But in a world where your lawyer’s Tesla sedan can put down drag times previously reserved for purpose-built racing machines, ludicrous straight-line performance isn’t the only thing an electric hypercar should offer. It also has to entertain when the track gets twisty.

To show off the C_Two’s handling prowess, the Croatian EV maker decided to answer the question that’s undoubtedly been weighing on all of our minds: Will the Rimac C_Two drift? The answer, predictably, is yes, and the electric car firm says the C_Two will even come with a dedicated “Drift Mode” that presumably shuffles power to the rear and sets it up for some beautiful oversteer.

The clip below apparently documents how Drift Mode development’s been coming along although company boss Mate Rimac and his engineering cronies go out of their way to ensure that this sideways action wasn’t achieved through digitally manipulating torque but rather through good, old-fashioned, chassis dynamics. 

Yes, the clearly-scripted opening skit is a little awkward but gets the message across. Plus, the absolutely righteous drift at the end makes it all worth it, we promise.

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