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Watch a Doorless BMW M5 Bomb Through Rome for Mission: Impossible 7

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Team Tom Cruise caused quite a stir during its seven days of Italian production shared between Rome and Venice, as one of their locations happened to be in Policlinico Umberto I, Italy’s second-largest public hospital. With the extras, security, filming crews and all other members of the production walking in and out of the facility during the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital workers union started a protest against the whole situation. Apparently, a scene was set up in a large room used by the hospital’s management. 

That Mission: Impossible week in Italy included a crew of 180, nearly a thousand extras and a cool $41 million in expenses. To get a direct return on its investment, BMW has already announced 5 Series and M5 Mission Impossible editions for the Japanese market. From what I can tell, these are some very black BMWs indeed, both inside and out.

In case you don’t quite remember the earlier flicks, here’s BMW’s contribution to Ghost Protocol…

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