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Want a Cheap C8 Corvette? Buy the One That Fell Off a Dealer’s Lift

The C8, which has only 3,419 miles on the odometer, now spends its days in a gravel lot awaiting its time to cross the auction block. We’re not quite sure what happened over the last two months that led up to the sports car sitting in Copart storage, but it’s fair to assume that the Corvette was declared a total loss or perhaps a buy-back due to the damage happening at a dealership.

Immediately one will notice a good bit of body damage. On the passenger side alone, both the front and rear fenders are gouged, as are the door and rocker panel. The right side appears to have sustained some minor damage as well. The front end of the car isn’t excluded—a misaligned bumper is noticeable, and so is the headlight that’s sitting on the ground. There’s also what appears to be an AC condenser in the rear storage compartment. 

The auction listing says that the car can still run and drive, so we’re hoping that any mechanical damage is limited given the majority of engine components are located at the rear of the car.

This isn’t the first C8 Corvette we’ve seen at auction. Still, it hurts to see such a new, admittedly stellar car in this condition, especially a first-year model where production is extremely limited due to COVID-related plant closures. We wouldn’t be surprised if the limited production run alone helps to keep the auction price of the car elevated.

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