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Turning Your Three-Cylinder Geo Metro Into a Dually Pickup Truck Takes Guts

This rebadged Suzuki Swift’s powertrain consists of just a 1.0-liter, single-cam three-cylinder with two valves per cylinder and fuel management courtesy of a humble carburetor. It should come as no surprise that this engine—low-tech even by ’90s standards—produced fewer than 60 horsepower and pound-feet of torque, and that was at the crank, brand-new, at sea level. After 27 years, 63,440 miles (admittedly low for a car its age), its location on the high plains of Wyoming and three-speed auto, power at the wheels is probably somewhere south of 40 horse.

Not exactly heavy-duty pickup power, but nobody looks at or drives a Geo Metro and thinks to themselves, “Yeah, this’ll haul my horse trailer.” The most likely reason why this “Truccar” could exist is that someone thought it would look cool, though this being an era of prevalent post-irony, there’s another, more cerebral alternative. Like anyone with good taste, the builder of this Geo might find the mod culture surrounding pickups and SUVs insufferably tacky and see it fit for satire. If that was the intent, the builder did a mighty fine job, what with this Geo’s box fenders, pearlescent bumper, diamond-plate running boards and likely non-functional hood scoop.

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