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This New Canadian Intersection Has 12 Instructional Videos to Learn How to Use It

The city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is getting a new intersection, and in the interest of making things easier and safer for everyone, the local Canadian government created and released 12 videos on how to use navigate the intersection. Yes, that’s a total of 12 well-produced videos detailing what looks like almost every conceivable scenario Charlottetonian motorists might find themselves in. 

Connecting Riverside Drive with Charlottetown’s City Center, the intersection is what’s known as a “displaced left-turn” or “continuous-flow intersection.” Via CTV News, chief engineer for the PEI’s Transportation Department Stephen Yeo says the new setup is “designed to ease congestion at a junction that handles about 45,000 vehicles daily during the tourist season,” and that the current configuration has drivers turning left from the highway waiting “up to 20 minutes to complete the maneuver onto St. Peters Road.”

This displaced left-turn intersection is apparently the first one of its type located in Canada and essentially requires those turning left to stop and turn left into a dedicated left-turn lane well before turning left through the intersection-proper. Confused? The province of Prince Edward Island has got you covered.

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