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This Classic 1968 Mars II Electric Vehicle Must Ride Again (And It’s For Sale)

Unlike a Twizy or a Leaf, this is a rare piece of EV history. Only 47 Mars IIs were made, according to Craig Huber, who owned the same car before this seller. (The Craigslist ad says this number of Mars IIs built was between 42 and 47, but Huber claims that this Mars II was one of a series of 42 cars built.)

The Mars II featured a mechanical controller board that pre-dated the electronic controllers of later EVs, Huber notes. 

This particular car was purchased by the Eugene, Oregon, electric company EWEB. All of its original running gear appears to be intact. 

The only problem is that it doesn’t run right now. There’s some tears in the front seat that needs attention as well, but maybe a Renault fan can help you out. 

Yet this is such a cool piece of automotive history that it deserves to be fixed. It’s too cool, and it also comes with all of its paperwork, including technical diagrams. The SAE even has a technical paper on the Mars II from when it came out. Someone with a decent knowledge of electronics could probably get it going again for sure. That could be you!

Go here on Craigslist if you’re the hero this rad retro EV needs. 

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