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There’s a Goodwood-Style Motorsports Festival Coming to Texas This Year

Groesbeck Grand Prix founder and organizer Mike Satterfield, known in automotive media circles as the Gentleman Racer, wanted to create a vintage motoring event that everyone could enjoy. A motorsports festival of sorts that offers a little bit of everything, like vintage racecars running around the track.

In the past, Satterfield has helped organize hill climb events and car shows in Mexico and wanted to try similar events in America. The main problem was finding a location, and you need a place with a local government cool enough to shut down public roads to host an amateur race. The town offers places to eat, sleep, camp and shop while being near enough to major cities for visitors, racers and participants to attend.

Geographically, Groesbeck is less than three hours from Dallas, Houston and Austin, which is practically around the corner in a state like Texas. When you factor in the views, the history and the roads that Groesbeck has to offer, it quickly starts to look like an ideal place to host a motorsport festival. The heart of Groesbeck Grand Prix is a 1.5-mile time trial on closed public roads for pre-1985, period-correct, competition cars, and a Mexia Concours for pre-1985 cars of various significant vehicle classes.

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