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The World Does Not Need Kyocera’s ‘See-Through’ Dashboard Concept Car

Imagine using a feature like this off-road, maybe behind the wheel of an all-new Ford Bronco? Yeah, it would be costly and the adverse conditions of the trail could affect the image. Then, there’s the fact that the dashboard is replaced by a gigantic screen that spans the width of the cabin (as if we haven’t seen this trick before). However, it would a game-changer for someone looking for a little, or a lot more forward visibility.

We’re not convinced that the vehicle will ever make it to market in any form—that includes the lab-grown Kyoto Opal trim, haptic-feedback surfaces, and five-scene fragrant mister. Instead, it seems like this was Kyocera’s Sony Vision-S moment where it explores the plausibility of designing a vehicle and its technologies from an electronics manufacturer’s perspective.

Still, if big screens in cars are going to keep getting more popular—which they are—we’d at least like them to be useful. Applications like this “transparent” view of the road are undeniably cool, so maybe there’s a future for the tech.

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