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The Secret Service Has A New Chevy Suburban Presidential Limousine

But, as with the new Beasts, it seems like these vehicles were used sparingly during their initial entry into service, before they became well-proven in actual operations. They are likely to become more plentiful and end up being regular fixtures in the Presidential Motorcade as time goes on. It’s also worth noting that many of the other vehicles in the motorcade have been converted over to this same generation suburban. 

Like all of the Presidential Motorcade, these new super-SUVs will live quite the remarkable lives during their time in service, ferrying around the first and second families. They will be constantly flown on C-17 and C-5 transports around the world from locale to locale. In fact, the vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade are certainly the most well-traveled (via air) vehicles in the world. 

While the existing fleet of older armored Suburbans isn’t likely to disappear in the very near term, if everything goes right, we should expect them to slowly fade away with this new configuration taking their place. 

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