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The Pickman Is a Tiny $10,000 Electric Pickup That Promises 4,000 Pounds of Towing

And before anybody assumes this truck is nothing but a series of renders, companies have imported other versions of the truck to the United States before, just not in the volumes or configurations that the current importer, Kylectric Auto Inc., is planning on. Those previous imports also were not able to drive on public roads like the latest set of imports built by Kaiyun Motors will, as their LSV status was not yet officially approved. 

That LSV status allows vehicles like the Pickman to drive on roads with a speed limit lower than 35 miles per hour and on private roads, of course. LSVs have found popularity in places like retirement communities, golf courses, homesteads and other low-speed, short-range commuting or utility applications. I’m not sure I would want to be stuck behind one of these since it has a top speed of just 28 mph, but at just 52 inches wide, they would probably be pretty easy to pass once they got out of your way.

However, the Pickman’s top speed isn’t its party piece—it’s the utility. The bedsides all fold down to provide a flat surface out back for large objects like plywood or pallets, there’s ample storage space in the interior and there’s a frunk with plenty of room for odds and ends. So it may not be especially fast, but it’s definitely more than a runabout toy.

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