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The Mullin Automotive Museum Reopens to the Public This Week

As you would expect, the museum will follow the health and safety guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State of California, and County of Ventura. Staff members, docents, and visitors will have their temperature taken prior to entry and must wear protective face coverings at all times. Personal items such as purses, bags, or backpacks will stay outside the exhibition area. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facility, and at least a six feet distance will be maintained between unrelated groups. 

With health and safety taken care of, the real reason why all car, engineering, and design fans should make the pilgrimage is Mullin’s unmatched display of pre-war European luxury cars. Looking past Bugattis for just a moment, just take the French aviation company Aéroplanes Voisin as a prime example. The Mullin Automotive Museum is home to 12 models from Voisin’s two decades in the car business, and you won’t find such a fleet elsewhere.

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