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The Acura MDX Prototype Promises a Lot More Fun This Time

Acura has taken the wraps off its all-new MDX Prototype and, lo and behold, the upcoming next-gen model promises it’ll be the best-looking, most luxurious and most athletic MDX ever made. Despite this particular Acura SUV technically being a prototype, expect most of what you see and read here to carry over to the production model considering it’s slated to hit dealerships in early 2021.

Entering its fourth generation, the restyled Acura MDX looks lower and wider, rocking a longer hood and a greenhouse that’s pushed further back. Overall, it’s attractive, upscale and cohesive. Y’know how some cars look as if the front and rear ends were penned by two entirely different teams of people? There appears to be none of that with this Acura.

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