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The 960-HP Ferrari SF90 Spider Is 167 Pounds Heavier Than the Stradale, Still Faster Than La Ferrari

Thanks to the traction generated by its all-wheel-drive system, the car can achieve a zero-to-62 time of 2.5 seconds, reach 124 mph in seven seconds flat, and tick a top speed of 211 mph. That’s the same as the hardtop. If you must know, Ferrari claims the Spider will also lap Fiorano in 79.5 seconds, which is just a hair quicker than what a LaFerrari is capable of.

With an electronic front axle providing 15 miles of EV range, the SF90 Spider’s 45-55 front/rear weight distribution is aided by the latest traction control and torque vectoring software, as well as the brake-by-wire control with ABS/EBD that splits braking torque between the hydraulic system and the electric motors, allowing regenerative recovery under braking. Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid system weighs 595 pounds.

Boasting 30 percent higher torsional rigidity than previous foldable hardtop Ferraris, the SF90 Spider’s body equipped with the Assetto Fiorano also generates up to 860 pounds of downforce through corners. The design includes a cut-off Gurney at the rear controlling airflow over the rear axle, the front underbody with vortex generator strakes, plus forged wheels featuring a blown geometry. Without creating drag, Ferrari also added transverse louvers to the rear screen to help extract all the heat.

Switch that tail to either low drag or high downforce modes, and you still get a retractable power rear window. What more could you ask for? If the answer is an extended all-inclusive seven-year maintenance program with your highly electrified Italian supercar, Ferrari will be happy to hear from you.

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