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The 2022 Subaru BRZ Platform Isn’t Exactly New. But That’s Far From Bad

And really, have you seen the automotive landscape lately? The ratio between crossovers and sports cars is approaching one billion to one; at least, that’s the way it seems. It’s no wonder Subaru and Nissan aren’t spending the money to completely renew their niche sports cars since car buyers as a whole aren’t very interested in them. Also, as far as receiving an update goes, the Corvette had a leaf spring in the rear suspension that was only done away with last year. It’s not like anything underpinning either the 370Z or previous generation BRZ came from a 19th Century Mississippi River paddleboat. Everything underneath is fully independent, coil-sprung modernity. 

People also forget how much the character of a car can change, even without completely re-working the platform. Think about the regular honda Civic compared to the Type R, or a regular E60 BMW 525i as compared to its V10-powered, 507-hp M5 sibling. And if we’re talking about BMW, they make a new chassis for the 3 Series every time they release a new generation, and since the E90—or perhaps the E46, even—it seems like auto publications like the M3 less and less every time they do it. How many people in internet comments sections beg for BMW to sell the E46 again? It’s a number large enough to make a reasonably populous, very annoying country.

All driving impressions of the new BRZ—and there are only a few of them so far—also indicate that it’s a better car to hoon than the previous generation, with the power finally matching the chassis and its lower center of gravity improving cornering stability. That’s according to former Formula 1 racer Scott Speed, if you’re curious. While behind the wheel with Jeff Glucker from Hooniverse, Speed detailed why the car is a standout from the previous generation, and how it continues the BRZ legacy.

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