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The 2022 Ford E-Transit Is An All-Electric Cargo Van Workhorse Starting at Less Than $45,000

In the interest of offering an E-Transit to a wide set of budgets and applications, the all-electric Transit will come in eight different configurations, three roof height options, three length options, as well as chassis cab and cutaway versions. Boasting the same interior dimensions and mounting points as the regular gas Transit, the E-Transit delivers up to 487.3 cubic feet of cargo space when equipped with the high roof and extended wheelbase while upfitting those insides for your specific company/job should be relatively painless. 

In addition to the forward-thinking propulsion, Ford is also delivering the E-Transit with advanced tech when it comes to fleet management. The Ford Telematics app and web tool makes sure your fleet of E-Transits are continuously connected and lets fleet managers monitor energy-related metrics like kWh consumption, charge speed, and distance-to-empty. A massive 12-inch touchscreen in the center console runs standard Sync 4 while remote cabin pre-conditioning adjusts cabin temperatures while charging to optimize battery efficiency. 

When it comes to charging Ford’s e-van, both AC and DC fast charging are standard as is a Ford Mobile Charger that can be plugged into 120- or 240-volt outlets. An optional Ford Connected Charge Station home charger can be had which Ford says can fully charge the E-Transit in eight hours. From the press release: “On a 115-plus-kW DC fast charger, E-Transit cargo van low-roof models can achieve approximately 30 miles of range in 10 minutes and approximately 45 miles of range in 15 minutes. When plugged into a 240-volt outlet, E-Transit cargo van low-roof models achieve approximately 10 miles per charging hour using the Ford Mobile Charger. Employing a Ford Connected Charge Station brings the number up to approximately 15 miles per charging hour.”

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