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Tesla Owner Videos Show ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta Has a Long Way to Go

This is, after all, what a beta test is for: To find problems with a new system before it’s released to the general public. To be fair, most of the car’s performance on North Carolina’s wet, sometimes bumpy and occasionally narrow roads was pretty impressive. Aside from the blinker issue, it even seemed to fare okay through a roundabout. Another video posted by Cameron also shows the system successfully navigating around a car that was partially parked in the road: 

Yet if there’s one thing these videos have shown, it’s that drivers should use this system like Hallock: with your full attention on the road, your hands always on the wheel and exercising an appropriate amount of skepticism as to whether the car can handle sometimes confusing situations on the roads. Hallock also hits “report” when the car does something wrong, which is key to communicating these issues back to Tesla. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has previously said that they are monitoring the new Full Self-Driving system and will step in if they believe it presents an unacceptable safety risk. The agency stressed that failing to adequately monitor the Full Self-Driving system will be considered distracted driving at a minimum, and it’s the driver—not Tesla—who would get in trouble accordingly.

The Drive attempted to reach out to Tesla about the Full Self-Driving system’s behavior in these vehicles and when they expect to push out fixes for user-reported issues, but due to Tesla dissolving its PR department, we don’t expect to get a response.

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