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Swapping a 40-Year-Old Detroit Diesel Into a 2009 Ford Super Duty Takes So Much Work

As the truck’s owner Harling Park told The Drive, the original 6.4-liter started acting up and was on its way to big trouble before he pulled it. He found himself three hours from home when the Power Stroke started blowing black smoke uncharacteristically and, as it turned out, the injectors for cylinders one and two were stuck partially open. This is one of the many problems common with the Power Stroke in question, so Park knew it was time to figure out something else.

It’s somewhat typical for folks to replace that troublesome 6.4-liter with a straight-six Cummins, but it’s admittedly a tight fight since the Ford came from the factory with a V8 crammed in there. You might think that’s where the four-cylinder Detroit comes into play.

Except, it’s no shrimp. Although the engine sizes up at just 212 cubic inches, or a hair under 3.5 liters, it weighs around 1,300 pounds on its own thanks to its cast iron construction.

“The truck weighs 9,200 pounds with the Detroit in it,” Park said. “It added 1,000 pounds [over the 6.4-liter]. I went overboard on the soundproofing … I used lead on the firewall, 16-gauge sheet lead, and that really helped.”

Two-stroke Detroits are known for their insane volume, so it’s hard to blame him there, especially since it’s his daily driver…yup.

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