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Someone Just Wrecked This Uninsured Ferrari F40

The same source also says that this was the first time the car’s been driven in five years, a fact which may partly explain why and how it slid off the road. A car that hasn’t been driven in half a decade likely hasn’t had its tires changed in that amount of time either. Bad tires coupled with an unforgiving, mid-engined super sports car is, as we’ve previously learned, a recipe for disaster. 

This Australian TV news report uploaded to Instagram also shows that the Ferrari removed an entire set of traffic lights, leaving a sizeable hole in the ground. It also appears to confirm that the car was indeed uninsured, the man behind the wheel was, in fact, the owner, and that he had a passenger riding shotgun at the time of the crash. Both driver and passenger were reportedly unhurt. 

The report also features at least one auto restoration expert saying getting this Ferrari back on the road isn’t entirely out of the question. It’ll just take a bank account that’s up to the task. Fun fact: it’s pretty much impossible to total a McLaren F1 because its eight-digit average values will almost always exceed the cost of a repair. We’re not entirely sure whether this phenomenon applies to the F40, though.

While the news item above says less than 10 Ferrari F40s went to Australia, Mercury reports that “less than two dozen” currently exist in the country, two of which are up for sale for the equivalent of $1.67 and $1.89 million.

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