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SERVPRO & Far Out Toys Backing Brexton Busch

Brexton Busch in action at Millbridge Speedway. (Kara Campbell photo)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Kyle Busch Motorsports has announced that SERVPRO and Far Out Toys will serve as co-primary sponsors of Brexton Busch’s No. 18b outlaw kart.

Busch, the five-year old son of two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and KBM owner Kyle Busch, recently began his racing career when the team purchased a Beginner Box Stock.

For the remainder of the season, Busch will continue to cut his racing teeth by testing and entering events at Millbridge Speedway, a sixth-mile dirt track located in Salisbury, N.C., and Mountain Creek Speedway, a sixth-mile dirt track located in Catawba, N.C.

“It was purely Brexton’s decision to start racing and Samantha and I are here to help him through this the best we know, both on and off the track,” noted team owner Kyle Busch. “As someone who grew up in a racing family myself, spending time in the shop working on your race vehicles makes for great family time and learning valuable life lessons. While he’s at the track, it also allows Brexton the opportunity to interact with other children his age that enjoy racing and have the same interests that he does. Obviously this year has been a little bit different with everything that’s going on in the world and having one-day shows in the Cup Series has allowed me to be there for a lot of his racing so far, but when things get back to normal thankfully with both my parents, and Samantha’s parents, we have the people in place that will make Brexton’s racing a total family effort.”

“I see so much of Kyle’s passion for racing and no-fear attitude in Brexton already,” added Samantha Busch. “He is really engaged in his racing, not only at the track, but at home studying film with Kyle already trying to learn how to improve each time he goes to the track. From being at the races with Kyle and being around KBM, it’s kind of crazy that he has already realized at a young age that sponsors are an important part of racing and while we were at his first test, he put me in charge of finding businesses to work with him. Thankfully, we have already developed relationships with several partners, including SERVPRO, Far Out Toys, Sheets Laundry Club, Toyota, Rowdy Energy, Interstate Batteries, Mac Tools, Bell Helmets, and Schroth Racing, all of whom we hope to see grow with Brexton as he carries on the family tradition.”

SERVPRO is a provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services, while Far Out Toys is a rapidly growing force in the global toy marketplace and a manufacturer of NASCAR Crash Circuit track sets.

“When we read Samantha’s post on Twitter that Brexton requested a sponsor with his favorite colors, green and orange, we knew the partnership was meant to be,” said Mike Stahl, Chief Marketing Officer of SERVPRO. “As a family-oriented company, we understand the importance of teaching our children to dream big. We are proud to support Brexton’s racing dreams and the SERVPRO, Far Out Toys, No. 18B Beginner Box Stock.”

“We’re thrilled to support Brexton Busch in his early driving career,” noted Keith Meggs, CEO of Far Out Toys. “Here at Far Out Toys we believe in the power of dreams of young boys and girls. Brexton with his desires to be a race car driver embody the very spirit of the American dream and the belief that we can all achieve whatever we set our hearts and minds to.”

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