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POWRi Launching Super Stock Class At Weekly Tracks

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – POWRi officials have announced the launch of the POWRi Super Stock division, a cost-effective division that offers competitors and tracks a program of growth and competitiveness for future racing seasons.

“We have been working hard going through quite a few different sets of rules and trying to develop a package that is as cost-effective as possible for the racers, as well as tracks, to ensure a program that can maintain and grow,” said Lake Ozark Speedway General Manager and spearhead of the POWRi Super Stock Division, Kevin Greven. “POWRi has over 20 series competing in over 500 events on the schedule for 2021. With that being said, this program will receive the same attention and national recognition as any other program POWRi offers, only this one has been specifically developed for the Super Stock class.”

Comparable to Street Stocks or Stock Cars, the POWRi Super Stock division is set to hit speedways in 2021. Tracks already registered to host the division include Batesville Motor Speedway, Lake Ozark Speedway, Lebanon Midway Speedway, Legit Speedway Park, Monett Motor Speedway, North Central Arkansas Speedway, Old No. 1 Speedway, Old 71 Speedway and Poplar Bluff Motorsports Park, with other regional tracks in conversation with POWRi.

Added incentives for competitors will see each track offer their POWRi Super Stock Division yearly point fund as they have in the past with their existing class to crown a season champion for their track. On top of that, POWRi will offer a $10,000 POWRi National Super Stock year-end point fund for drivers participating across the entire group of weekly sanctioned facilities.

In addition to registered competitors challenging for a National POWRi Super Stock year-end point fund, participating tracks will look to give the competitors, teams and their sponsors broader exposure through POWRi TV and on-demand broadcasts.

Unlike other programs, the POWRi Super Stock division will have no cost to the tracks. Tracks will not be required to collect money from the drivers through additional pit pass costs that would in turn have to be sent to a sanctioning body. There is a single yearly driver registration fee of $100, which supplies the $100,000 secondary insurance policy for the season for each participating POWRi Super Stock driver as a requirement for all participants by the POWRi Racing League.

“My phone and messaging have been crazy with requests from existing street stock/factory stock/stock car/super stock drivers to get this all together and out to everyone; so that everyone can be on the same page and assured there is a sanctioning body as well as tracks that are looking out for their best interests,” said Greven. “It’s a very simple program, that compared to many of the sets we looked at and offers a simple set of rules from a sanctioning body that has the back of the track and racer.”

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