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Porsche Retells the Story of Australia’s First 911 With Two Modern Twins

Dealing with the obviously immense difference between the oldest and youngest generations of the 911 in terms of size, performance and comfort features, the pair of 992s created by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur are finished in the 2020 equivalent of 1965’s Steingrau, a shade called Crayon. The paintwork extends onto the rear engine cover slats and 20/21-inch Carrera Exclusive Design wheels, which have contrasting black calipers like the classic 911. Porsche also added its SportDesign side skirts, painted exterior mirrors and high-gloss trim strips to the 992 Carrera S.

In 1964, Ron Angas went for a green leather cabin to contrast the standard maple yellow timber dashboard trim and wood-rimmed steering wheel. Keeping that in mind, the new pair features Agave Green Club leather with contrasting Crayon stitching and matching Agave Green seat belts, as well the Porsche crest embossed on the headrests. Completing the package are brushed aluminum door sill guards in dark silver, which are illuminated and personalized with “1965 Reimagined” text. Somebody call Singer.

In the following months, these two special Carrera S models of Porsche Centre Melbourne and Sydney South will go on show around the country, alongside Australia’s first 911.

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