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Pagani Huayra R Ditches the Turbos for a Bespoke, Naturally Aspirated Engine

The Zonda R was wild, and it looks like the Huayra will go N/A to provide a similarly thrilling experience as a track toy only.

Spotted by Carscoops, at the 37:04 mark, Horacio Pagani talks about their project in a teaser for the 2020 Autostyle Design Competition, a event featuring experts from Ford, Ferrari, Maserati, Volvo, Polestar, Lamborghini, Toyota, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Dallara, 3M and Pagani. The hypercar company is represented by the founder himself. 

Pagani reveals that for its Huayra R, it’s preparing a “new aspirated engine made especially for this purpose.” This custom-built nature would strongly suggest that whatever Pagani is putting into its next Huayra, it won’t be an emissions-legal AMG unit, meaning that the Huayra R will likely be limited to the track just like its Zonda-based predecessor.

Still, with 847-horsepower one-offs like the Aston Martin Victor and the 789-hp Ferrari Omologata popping up lately, it’s only fair to expect something even more outrageous from Modena’s wildest engineering powerhouse. Pagani Huayra R, we’re ready to hear your twelve-cylinder scream.

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