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Own The Peugeot 806 Minivan That Went Racing In The ’90s

Alas, the Peugeot Pro Car minivan suffered one mechanical failure after another, beginning with the brakes and ending with the engine. One account said that the suspension, even, was getting “stroppy,” a word worth looking up.

By hour 10, the Spa-minivan—we hyphenated that because otherwise it starts out with Spam-inivan—it was done. 

Or not. Gipimotor, a delightfully-named dealer in Brussels, Belgium, has acquired the super 806 and you can buy it for some so-far undisclosed price. It still features a white livery full of colorful balloons, but sadly, there’s no third-row seating.

It was the baby of race driver-car builder Pascal Witmeur, who said, “Every time we passed by in the Raidillon, people were applauding. The public liked it because, apart from being atypical, it was often on two wheels.”

Did we mention that Witmeur was born on April Fools Day? Because he was.

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