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Nissan Ariya: 300 Miles of Range and Futuristic Looks Starting at $40,000

Anyone who’s paid any attention to recent automotive news will tell you that, even before the effects of the pandemic, things have not been great for Nissan. Despite angry shareholders and a very public ongoing kerfuffle concerning its former CEO and at least one musical instrument case, Nissan is proudly showing off its all-new electric crossover that it hopes will help turn things around. A decade after the Leaf was first introduced, the 2021 Nissan Ariya is here and poised to carry on that compact’s mission of bringing electric-only motoring to the masses albeit in a taller, more practical package.

Laying eyes on Nissan’s latest EV, it looks just like the futuristic concept on which it’s based. Sporting Nissan’s refreshed corporate logo, the Ariya spearheads the firm’s new “Timeless Japanese Futurism” design language. However, forward-reaching looks are a dime a dozen in the EV world. What Nissan hopes will set the Ariya apart is what it can do, how far, and how much.

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