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What You Learn Driving a WRC-Champ 037 and a Beta VX Back to Back

How Lancia won against Audi’s fire-breathing all-wheel-drive Quattros in 1983 was best explained by The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson with Mark Higgins behind the wheel of this very Röhrl 037. However, choosing between these two Lancia coupés would be hard today. Both street-legal, while the 037 is the ultimate thrill ...

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Ford’s Power Stroke Concept Truck Is Bad-Ass ’90s Americana

Ford’s rounded 1995 Explorer was still nearly a year away from launch in 1994, but the Blue Oval’s Power Stroke concept pickup gave clues to the company’s styling directive for the cars, trucks, and SUVs it planned to sell to consumers throughout the latter half of the 1990s. Besides showcasing the ...

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