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New Mild-Hybrid Powertrain, Same Asymmetrical Tailgate

Speaking of the interior, the revised Discovery cabin gets a new steering wheel, a new gear selector, as well as a new center console housing a bigger Pivi Pro infotainment touchscreen with over-the-air updates. Measuring 11.4 inches this time around (the outgoing model made do with a 10-inch unit), the system comes standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and can connect with up to two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. 

As seen in the refreshed Evoque, ClearSight Ground View makes its way to the Discovery, a nifty piece of tech that uses cameras to let drivers “see through” the hood of their SUV, a welcomed superpower when off-roading or keeping those fancy new bumpers scuff-free from parking lot curbs. Other available party tricks include a wearable Activity Key—a smartwatch-esque device that can lock, unlock, and start the Discovery—and Cabin Air Ionization that keeps things fresh using PM2.5 air filtration tech.

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