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New Engines, Hot Hatch-Worthy Specs, and an Android-Only Key

Despite the increased displacement and hot hatch-worthy specs, the new engines are said to be a bit more efficient than the ones they replace. Speaking of efficiency, the Santa Fe’s facelift also sees the introduction of a Hybrid model. Using a 1.6-liter turbo working in tandem with a 44-kW electric motor, the 2021 Santa Fe Hybrid will put down 225 total system hp and 195 lb-ft. to all four wheels.

Stepping inside, the two infotainment screens on offer now measure eight and 10.25 inches—the Santa Fe used seven- and eight-inch units before—while the optional digital instrument cluster is now 12.3 inches corner to corner. The rest of the interior has been further upgraded with more upscale materials, and, rather pragmatically, a half cubic foot of extra cargo volume thanks to “optimized interior packaging.”

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