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MotoGP Riders Call for Changes to Red Bull Ring After This Weekend’s Back-to-Back Crashes

After the race, Crutchlow once again called for changes to the layout of Turn 3, telling The Race

Imagine that happened in the rain. I don’t like the safety of this place. They run a good grand prix, but I don’t like it here. I don’t know what they can do about it, but there’ll be a lot of unhappy riders this afternoon.

But what can they do unless they completely change that part of the circuit? Of course, like I said the other day it’s not like they’re struggling to do that – they could if they wanted to, but I don’t think it will.

Crutchlow then went on to give The Race a full-on to-do list for Red Bull to take on to fix the track: push back all the walls, and take a good, hard look at the safety of turns 1, 3, 4, 9 and 10. He added, “It’s not as if Red Bull are struggling for money.”

Another MotoGP rider, Jack Miller, also called out the track’s conditions prior to the race, comparing it to those at Suzuka, where the series quit racing after the death of a rider in 2003.

“It’s downhill so it’s an easy run for the water, but it becomes deep and we have to try and ride in it at 300 kph while the bike is aquaplaning under us on a tire with a surface area the size of your hand at the best of times,” Miller told The Race

“The braking at Turn 3 is very similar to the last corner at Suzuka and we all know what happened there and why we stopped going there,” he continued.

The entire MotoGP podium from the race—Andrea Dovizioso, Jack Miller and Joan Mir—all called for the left-side wall at Turn 3 to be moved back before the series returns there in 2021, according to Crash.net

“The bike is moving already, the wind makes so much difference but the biggest thing for sure is if I have a lock, you got into the wall on the left and it wouldn’t be pretty, like what I did at Le Mans. They have moved it once but it needs to be further,” Miller told Crash.net.

The safety of the Red Bull Ring has been called out by riders since MotoGP started racing there in 2016, notes The Race. In their very first practice at the circuit, rider Casey Stoner called out the fact that the circuit’s safety features for cars, including its heavy use of asphalt in runoff areas, didn’t work as well for motorcycle racing. 

“The circuit has some nice parts but it’s a bit strange for bikes because some of the corners don’t flow well together, which makes it somewhat difficult,” Stoner said then, as quoted by The Race

Red Bull made some changes to the track in 2017 to improve its safety for MotoGP races, notes Crash.net, but riders still say it isn’t enough. 

There’s no doubt that energy drink behemoth Red Bull can afford to make the changes they need to be safer racing there, however, it’s also worth noting that Red Bull is a major sponsor of MotoGP. 

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