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Macca Hybrid, Ahoy: McLaren Teases New V-6 Hybrid Supercar

McLaren’s next supercar looks to bring gasoline-electric hybrid power to the masses. Okay, so those masses are still rich as sin and just a drop in the bucket of the overall population, more one-percenters than ever will be able to get a McLaren hybrid. That’s because the company’s prior such cars were the the limited-run P1 and Speedtail, while now McLaren has announced plans for a hybrid supercar with uncapped production over multiple model years.

The British automaker’s latest product will trade the company’s ubiquitous V-8 engine for a new V-6; whatever power the gas-powered portion of the hybrid powertrain loses will presumably be more than made up for by a torque-rich electric motor (or motors). Given this new model will kick off the replacement of the brand’s current Sports Series sports cars (which includes the 540C, 570S, 570GT, 600LT, and 620R), it’s likely the hybrid supercar will have at least 550 horses stuffed in its stable. We expect it will eventually spawn a wide range of harder-core Longtail variants, grand touring cars, track models, and the like, as has been McLaren practice with most of its Sports, Super, and Ultimate Series models.



McLaren also promises the new car will offer the ability to drive on electric power alone for “medium” distances, and it’s certainly possible this latest product will offer plug-in capability. Although the powertrain’s associated battery pack will likely add pounds to the scales, it’s feasible the car’s new carbon-fiber underpinnings, which McLaren calls MCLA, will offset much of the electric power source’s extra weight. MCLA will undoubtedly also be put to use in any possible variants, as well. Regardless, we expect to know more in the coming months leading up to the car’s early 2021 reveal.

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