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Lifted and Kitted Honda Fit Off-Roader Gives ‘Go Anywhere’ a New Meaning

In 2015, Honda’s ad campaign for the new-generation Fit was “Fit for you,” and apparently, Jefferson Palma took that to heart. He actually made his tiny blue four-door fit his lifestyle even better by turning it into an overlanding-style off-roader. It’s not just for show either as he chronicles his adventures on YouTube, with his latest showing a day trip through an abandoned mine.

This Fit sports 30-inch all-terrain tires under a lift-kit measuring two and a half inches in the front and four and a half for the rear. The snorkel adapted from a Toyota Land Cruiser is fully functional, and it wears fender flares from a Jeep Cherokee. The rear hatch sports a spare tire mount, tow hitch, signal boost antenna and two small jerry-cans, which nicely complement the overhead roof rack storage. Finally, a front steel bumper with a winch, LED lights and rock guard sliders complete the build. 

Really, it looks like a SEMA build that actually works as a daily driver.

Palma’s YouTube channel Whatzs Production is filled with the Fit’s off-road explorations, including a drive through the Reward Mine Trail in California. It’s a challenging route that travels directly through the decommissioned mine, through pitch-black tunnels and tricky corners. The beauty of the Honda Fit’s compact size is that it’s actually small enough to drive into the chunk of carved-out earth. 

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