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Legally Blind Man Immediately Buys Corvette After Experimental Surgery Gives Him Sight

Schickerowski says he tore the car apart while it was in storage over the winter and made a couple of dozen changes to it, big and small. “I absolutely loved the look of vertical doors so I installed them with an extra pair hands,” he said. Apparently, not everyone is a fan of Schickerowski’s mods but it doesn’t sound like that bothers him all that much. “Most guys I show that tear-down picture to start to cringe and tell me they can’t imagine doing that to this car, and what makes it more unique is that I’ve never done it before. Made some small mistakes along the way, but wouldn’t change anything, I couldn’t be prouder.”

Oh, and finally getting to see his wife and kids properly for the first time was cool too, we’re sure.

“It was beautiful to see, but it was more the realization of what I missed my whole life,” Schickerowski told Global. “It was [an] emotional breakdown. My mom was bawling and my wife was ecstatic. It was never supposed to happen. There was a sad moment of how much history had gone by and how much I had suffered, but [I was] still excited for the future.”

“It’s just a sense of freedom and the ability to be able to go out and do what I need to do now. I took my son fishing last week. I was never able to do that before on my own. I took my daughter for ice cream. It’s unbelievable. I’ve lived a wonderful life and enjoyed every moment. This is just the awakening to possibilities of the future and the opportunities that are there,” he added.

When we asked him what he thought about Chevy’s mid-engined C8 Corvette, he replied, “I’m a fan of the looks and mid-engine concept, but I’m still working to get this C7 the way I want her and don’t plan to change anytime soon.”

May his future be filled with more fishing trips, ice cream, and yellow V8 sports cars.

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