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Lamborghini LM002 600hp Cummins Diesel Swap Work Truck

It took several months for Jim to convince the doc that he was not just looking for a quick flip. In 2017, Jim gained enough trust to buy it. Jim’s goal was to finish what Lamborghini started and make the LM002 run as well as it did on paper.

First drafts included a 600 hp 9.0-liter Lamborghini marine engine, but it was too big to swap into the LM002’s chassis. Jim’s son Michael decided to buy a junkyard 5.9-liter Cummins diesel out of a Ram truck. A mild-race build, a 68mm turbo, FASS fuel lift pump, Steed Speed manifold, and a Hellmann side-draft intake cranked the Cummins engine up to 600 hp and 1,200 pound-feet of torque.

The Rambo Lambo is mostly original apart from some necessary improvements like King Shocks, and Wilwood six-piston brake calipers with 16-inch rotors. Every modification done has been bolt-on to ensure that the LM002 could be restored to original-spec if needed. One cool detail are the 3D-printed door handles designed by Michael Carpenter.

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