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It Hurts to Watch Rimac Crash Test Its $1M C_Two Hypercar Prototypes

While we’ve already had a brief look at how the Croatian tech company shredded carbon fiber within the walls of Continental’s torture chambers back in August 2019, now, we get to see how the 1,914-horsepower C_Two performed during 40 percent offset frontal collisions at various speeds. Evaluating the results after each destructive run were Rimac’s Petar Marjanović, mechanical engineer of trims, and Martin Mikulčić, the company’s senior CAE engineer.

What’s fascinating about the demise of these multi-million dollar dream cars is that while prior simulations can be very accurate regarding the behavior of metallic parts, the data on composites is still far from being fully comprehensive. That leads to excitement, as when the C_Two hits the deformable barrier offset first at 25, then at 35 miles per hour, the engineers will always end up learning something new while also feeling relieved that the prototypes survived without a single crack in Rimac’s self-designed carbon-fiber tub. In other words, it confirms they’re rebuildable.

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