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Imola an improvement after “worst race of the year”

In the round-up: Nicholas Latifi was satisifed with his performance at Imola, despite narrowly missing a chance to score his first point.

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Latifi finished within a second of 10th-placed Antonio Giovinazzi:

Obviously it’s disappointing when you end up that close to the points. But I think in general it was a strong race.

The opening laps were quite difficult to manage, then the race settled down. I managed to extend the stint quite a lot and it put me in a good position to try and capitalise on something at the end.

When you get the last laps, Safety Car restart, you know things are going to be kicking off. Obviously a few cars went off in front. So it just kind of puts you that much closer.

But I think ultimately we just weren’t quick at the right places on the track today. The car has its inherent weaknesses and we were weak at the places where you needed to be quick to get the DRS. And even with the tyre life advantage we had on the guys in front, I just couldn’t mount a challenge.

So it was definitely frustrating. I was feeling I just didn’t have quite enough pace but overall still quite pleased with the race itself, especially after what was probably my worst race of the year last weekend.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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