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Hulkenberg hopes Nurburgring performance does more for 2021 chances than Silverstone

In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg admitted his performances at Silverstone didn’t make an immediate difference to his chances of returning to Formula 1 full-time next year.

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What they say

Hulkenberg made his second return to F1 this year with Racing Point last weekend having driven for them in two rounds at Silverstone, though he was unable to start the first due to a technical problem:

Obviously it was difficult to expect very much from this race with so little preparation. The other guys they’re in the season, they’re in their car, and then here I am being thrown into the ice bath and trying to swim and survive somehow. So I feel quite happy and relieved that I managed this kind of performance.

Halfway through the first stint, things were falling into place. I was getting into the groove and into a good rhythm with the car. And I think that was key for us to then pull off the rest of the strategy and stay out of trouble. We obviously had a bit of help along the way from from some people dropping out, but still nonetheless good good strategy and a solid drive.

It’s difficult to say [what this means for 2021]. Obviously, this is the best I can do or the maximum I can do to promote myself and advertise. But after Silverstone also nothing really changed dramatically immediately. I think it’s still a process and people know that I’m around, but we’ll just have to be a bit more patient to see what’s happening.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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