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Here’s How Ford Torture Tested the F-150 Hybrid to Make Sure It Doesn’t Blow This Shot

Traditionalists and skeptics are often one and the same, and that’s especially true of pickup truck fans. Plenty of folks never thought a turbocharged V6 could do the work of a V8-powered brute but as Ford has proved with its EcoBoost engines, there’s loads of potential in forced induction. The same can be said for those who boo at the mention of a hybrid truck like the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost, though Ford went through plenty of trouble to make sure it’s just as durable as a traditional half-ton. Maybe even more trouble.

The F-150, like any truck worth its salt, is tantalized and tortured in all types of scenarios for the sake of endurance. You’ve heard and seen it before where they drive a bone-stock truck through the desert or tow a load up a crazy steep mountain pass. Sure, trucks are infinitely more complex than they used to be, but they’re usually better because of practices like these.

Ford’s all-new PowerBoost hybrid drivetrain is no exception. There are some inherent worries when it comes to adding newfangled tech like a battery pack, mainly concerning longevity and resistance to the elements such as dirt, mud and water. To make sure the truck was built to its standards, Ford threw everything at it, and wouldn’t you know it, the PowerBoost held up.

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