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Here Are Some Interesting Guinness World Record Cars

As of this month, the SSC Tuatara now claims the record as the fastest production vehicle in the world. In the process of setting that record, the Tuatara also broke the world records for fastest flying mile on a public road (313.12 mph), fastest flying kilometer on a public road (321.35 mph) and the highest speed achieved on a public road (331.15 mph).

It made me think about people like Evel Knievel, the pioneer of motorcycle long jumping exhibitions. He chased records all his life and achieved one that hasn’t been beaten yet: 433 bone fractures by end of 1975, giving him the record for most bones broken in a lifetime. Probably best not to try and top that one.

Though the SSC run hasn’t been certified as an official Guinness Book record, plenty of other car-related records do exist in it—and most of them didn’t involve danger or triple-digit speeds. There are some fascinating and sometimes hilarious achievements worth noting for entertainment value alone.

World’s largest banana car

In 2009, Steve Braithwaite took apart a 1993 Ford F-150 pickup truck and built a banana on wheels (no confirmed stories explain why a banana and not a zucchini or some other such shape). Over the course of more than two years, Braithwaite and a close group of friends constructed this giant yellow banana car using rebar, chicken wire, and polyurethane foam. 

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