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Here Are 12 Of The Wildest Porsche Concepts You’ve Never Seen Until Now

A new 328-page book titled Porsche Unseen gives us a deep dive into 15 of Porsche Design Studio’s little-known concepts created between 2005 and 2019. With these studies mostly kept hidden in the minds of their creators, the company’s hard drives, and the secret warehouses of the Porsche Museum until the book’s release, it includes chapters on “Spin-Offs,” “Little Rebels,” “Hyper Cars,” and “What’s Next?” It’s a detailed look into what else could have come out of Porsche HQ in the last 15 years.

Here are 12 that I could find. Some of the following concepts only exist in the digital space, while others were developed into full-size clays; the 911 Safari concept was pushed all the way to the working prototype stage. Take a peek and let us know which ones do you miss the most from your local Porsche dealership.

Porsche Le Mans Living Legend, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a flat-eight Porsche engine. Based on the Cayman platform and built into a full-size clay model after 2015’s Boxster Bergspyder concept, the Porsche Le Mans Living Legend is a nod to the 550 Coupe Porsche sent to the 1953 24 Hours of Le Mans. While looking like a car Ruf would produce, the most important detail remains that this beefed-up nightmare of even the fastest Alpine A110 is powered by a horizontally opposed, eight-cylinder engine probably tuned to Ferrari and McLaren V8 levels.

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