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Haas not responsible for loss of pace since last year

Kevin Magnussen believes Haas’s loss of performance since last year is not due to anything the team has done with its car.

Haas endured a difficult 2019, falling to ninth out of F1’s 10 teams. However over the last two weekends at the Red Bull Ring the team lapped six-tenths of a slower than it did last year.

“I don’t think anything the team has done has made the car worse at all,” he said when asked about the team’s pace. “There’s different reasons for that.”

Magnussen highlighted the fact Haas’s fellow Ferrari power unit users – Alfa Romeo and the works team – are also considerably slower than they were last year.

“I think if you look at all the Ferrari-powered cars, there’s some similarities. I think that’s probably something that is holding us back a little bit.”

During pre-season testing the FIA revealed it had reached a settlement with Ferrari following an investigation into the team’s power unit. New rules governing power units were introduced for this season, which is believed to have hurt the performance of Ferrari’s engine.

The exact details of the settlement between Ferrari and the governing body has been kept secret. Magnussen said he was not concerned about any political fight between the teans.

“I don’t know anything about this fight, I don’t know if there is a fight,” he said.

“All I see is that we are slower on the straights this year compared to last year, having to drop more downforce than we did last year. And that’s all I know.

“I can’t even say for sure that that’s the engine. I can just conclude that we’re slow on the straights and we’re having to drop more downforce than last year.”

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