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Glickenhaus Will Crash Its SCG 004S Prototype to Legalize America’s New Supercar

In 2017, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus was granted low-volume manufacturer status by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Since then, SCG has sold a few road-legal 003S supercars and off-road Boots that can be easily upgraded to race specifications. The big question now is how quickly SCG can get its latest 004S supercar on American roads. The GM V8-powered, mid-engine rocket just completed the Nürburgring 24 in Competizione form, and its street trim is being road tested in Italy. And now, SCG needs to crash it.

The SCG 004S is a unique proposition in that it’s a three-seater with a central driving position hand-built in America, and offered at a fraction of the price of other central-seaters like the McLaren Speedtail, Gordon Murray’s upcoming GMA T.50 and the proposed Czinger 21C from California. The SCG 004S starts at $460,000 with Chevy’s LT4 V8 at 650 horsepower, connected to a gated six-speed Graziano manual.

If somebody prefers the more race-ready 004CS, the 850-horsepower car with the dual-clutch seven-speed Graziano starts at $598,000. Yet before any of these cars could get a plate in at least 49 states, SCG has to hit a wall. Literally.

Large OEMs use several prototypes to get through the validation processes both in Europe and America as quickly as possible. Even niche brands like Rimac can build up to 30 cars at $1 million a pop in order to keep their tight deadlines. However, we also know from Christian von Koenigsegg himself how a single carbon fiber prototype can be subjected to all the punishment, with body panels, crash structures, subframes, windshield and other damaged components swapped test after test, only for the main chassis to survive without sustaining any unrepeatable damage. Koenigsegg’s unpainted Regera certainly went through hell so that the brand’s first hybrid could become a global product:

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