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Fourteen of the Most Obscure Chevrolet Camaro Race Cars Are For Sale

The ad states that the car has a manual transmission, just like the rest of the spec racers, and it comes with a sealed-spec, 305-cubic-inch V8. Below is the original purchase documentation for the car. The paperwork on top is for a different, red Camaro that was actually used as Beatty’s EDS/Mackie Moving race car, which can be seen in the video at the end of this article. 

The Drive spoke with Doug Kemp, a Player’s Challenge Camaro collector and expert, who said that the $43,000 Canadian price tag is reasonable and noted that the cars’ un-raced condition makes them ripe for a collector’s garage. He actually built a tribute car to honor Beatty’s racing days, which can be seen in the photos below, along with another restored, race-used 1989 Player’s Camaro in his collection. Kemp also confirmed Beatty’s red Camaro that was actually raced ended up being wrecked and sent off to a scrapyard.

Somewhere between a full-on motorsport machine and a homologation special, the Player’s Challenge variants were certifiably road-legal and featured several modifications over their “standard” Camaro counterparts. The cars had full cages and their back seats were removed. Underneath, there were special shocks, a baffled fuel tank, stiffer bushings and more. The cars had to be ordered directly from the factory using a special options code that differentiated them from the rest of the pack and as a result, the cars and their ability to race were largely a secret outside of motorsport circles.

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