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FIA “evaluating changes” after marshal near-miss Vettel and Grosjean called “dangerous” · RaceFans

The FIA says changes to Formula 1’s race procedures will be considered after footage showed several drivers passing close by a group of marshals during a Safety Car period at Imola on Sunday.

Six drivers – Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Nicholas Latifi, Romain Grosjean, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll – came close to a group of around three marshals working on or by the edge of the track approaching Acqua Minerale. The six had been released from behind the Safety Car in order to rejoin the same lap as the leading drivers.

Grosjean and Vettel both remarked on the presence of the marshals on their radio, describing the situation as “dangerous”. Video footage of the incident indicated Stroll, the last driver to pass the marshals, did so at a markedly higher speed than the other five.

In a statement received by RaceFans, the FIA indicated Formula 1 race control is considering what response the incident may require.

“The safety of the marshals and trackside officials is of the highest priority for the FIA,” said the sport’s governing body.

“Race control was made aware of the issue and is evaluating whether any changes can be made to the procedures currently in place to further protect the marshals and officials and minimise the likelihood of a reoccurrence in the future.”

A similar incident happened during a Safety Car period at last year’s Monaco Grand Prix. Sergio Perez came close to hitting a pair of marshals after he left the pit lane. The FIA responded by issuing a reminder to marshals not to enter a track without the permission of race control.

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