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F1 drivers briefed on new Eifel GP medical evacuation plan · RaceFans

Formula 1 has put new medical evacuation procedures in place to avoid a repeat of Friday’s cancelled practice sessions at the Nurburgring.

Drivers were briefed on details of the new procedures after first and second practice were abandoned as fog around the circuit prevented the use of the medical helicopter, meaning the sessions could not start.

Under FIA rules, it must be possible to transport an injured driver in need of hospital treatment to a suitable facility within 20 minutes. None of the Renault Clio Cup or Touring Car Legends support race sessions at the track we able to go ahead either.

The location of the modern Nurburgring is particularly prone to experiencing foggy conditions. Therefore the race organisers plan to transport casualties a short distance by road, where they will then be transferred to a helicopter, which should be able to complete the remaining distance in better visibility, while ensuring the time limit is satisfied.

Williams driver Nicholas Latifi extended his sympathies to spectators who spent all day at the wet track without seeing any cars on track.

“I feel sorry for all the fans who were out in the cold and wet waiting for us to get some on track action, but that’s how it goes sometimes,” he said. “Hopefully the conditions will be better tomorrow and we can make up for it.”

Better weather conditions are expected over the next two days at the Nurburgring, meaning the new back-up plan may not be needed. The next F1 session at the track, third practice, is due to begin at 12pm local time.

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