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Early Black Friday Deals 2020

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been one of the craziest and strangest years that we’ve ever experienced. With the world completely turned upside down, many people are wondering what that means for that most revered and sacred of shopping days, Black Friday. 

Never fear, the world’s largest retailers aren’t going to let a little thing like Covid-19 stop you from scoring those huge holiday deals that you’re counting on.

Let’s talk about exactly what to expect from Black Friday this year. Because while it’s still going to happen, it will look quite a bit different. In fact, major retailers are offering even bigger and better deals online this year to encourage shopping from home. This is a relief for those concerned with crowds and social distancing—and those who want to avoid the in-store chaos.

The best part? As an added bonus, many retailers aren’t even waiting until Black Friday to get the party started. There are tons of huge deals on holiday gifts already being offered online. 

Here are some of the best deals we’ve found so far. Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this page regularly leading up to Black Friday. (Editor’s Note: Prices were valid a press time, but prices do change and deals can expire.)


You can pretty much guarantee that online retailers like Amazon will lead the charge with early and massive deals on a wide variety of items. In fact, it’s already started with its epic Holiday Dash, a smorgasbord of daily deals from now through Cyber Monday.

With so many items on sale, you could make it your full-time job to keep up with it all.

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