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Dos Equis’ Chevy El Camino Is Delivering Beer and Swag to Football Fans

Amidst 2020’s ongoing 2020-ness, it would seem irresponsible for anyone to promote or encourage gatherings, let alone college football tailgates. Dos Equis is doing just that with its Save Our Saturdays marketing ploy celebrating football’s “return,” but makes up for those potentially disastrous optics with free beer and an even cooler delivery vehicle for those beer giveaways, a Dos Equis-themed El Camino. Oh, and the beer brand also is packaging its beer in six-foot-long coolers that double as social-distancing markers (dubbed the “Seis-Foot Cooler”)—which fit snugly in the six-foot pickup bed of an El Camino. Safety!

We’re sure you have questions, the first of which might have to do with that free beer. Where can you get it? Sign up at the Dos Equis Save Our Saturdays giveaway website, and, yes, you must be 21 or older. Dos Equis also is giving away tailgating essentials such as cornhole game sets, a grille, and a gift card for CBS All Access to stream games. Critically, all of this excellent tailgating goodness may be delivered (depending on where you live) by the aforementioned El Camino.

Dos Equis has dubbed its delivery car/truck the “SOS Response Vehicle” and equipped with with crazy “XX” wheels, a full Dos Equis livery, what appear to be smokestacks in the bed, and of course, tons of beer in the back. If you can maintain six feet between yourself and other tailgaters, and want a chance to win free beer and see this El Camino up close, that’s up to you. To us, the Chevy is the coolest part, but free beer never hurts . . .

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