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Bottas keen to avoid repeat of fuel and ride height errors · RaceFans

Valtteri Bottas is keen to avoid a repeat of set-up errors which occured on his car during the last two race weekends.

Speaking to MTV Urheilu during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, Bottas said he had too much fuel in his car during his qualifying run, meaning he was carrying excess weight.

“I should’ve have a chance for a pole position,” said the Mercedes driver. “I got too much fuel for the qualification for some reason. It of course affected also [race] day.”

Carrying the extra fuel weight cost Bottas “apparently about a tenth” of a second, he said. “It of course depends. It could be more or less than a tenth.” Team mate Lewis Hamilton beat him to pole position for 0.107 seconds.

Bottas described another problem with the set-up of his car during the Styrian Grand Prix, which saw a very wet qualifying session and dry race.

“In the second Austrian race there was a slip-up in my car,” he said. “It wasn’t at the right ride height. It was adjusted too high and it probably affected a lot. Especially when it rained.”

“There has been a bit too much mess-ups but we learn from those,” he said, adding he would discuss what happened with the team this week. “But it was a human error. Somebody made a mistake on something, that’s all.

“Of course it’s a pity. This year every small detail counts.” Bottas trails Hamilton by four points in the drivers’ championship after Sunday’s race.

A Mercedes spokesperson said both drivers suffered minor problems with their cars over the opening race weekends and these did not alter which of them finished ahead in qualifying or the race.

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